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„law of success written 1928 by Napoleon Hill“

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law of success by Napoleon Hill

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law of success by Napoleon Hill
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The book, first published in 1937 „Think and Grow Rich“ by Napoleon Hill has sold over 40 million times.

But this book was only a summary of much more detailed representations that were written nine years earlier:

This bestseller was based on lecture texts which are hereby on German as free instant download. In the 16 chapters of this e-book series (563 pages, DIN A-4) you will find wisdom and success secrets of the 500 best in the turn of the century.

Who was Napoleon Hill?

Napoleon Hill came from very humble and had suffered personal misfortunes early.

Hill grew up in a one-room hut in the US state of Virginia and lost his mother already the age of nine.

Nevertheless, he has accomplished an unprecedented life’s work:

Hill was an advisor to two US presidents and has started early to be working as a journalist for newspapers. Despite his humble origins every challenge presented. So he took the offer by the time most Americans, the steel magnate Andrew Carnegie, and wrote down exactly twenty years after that first meeting in a „Reading Course“, which prerequisites are necessary for sustained success.

Napoleon Hill took this in the course of time, contact one of the 500 most successful men of his time, including …

  • Henry Ford,
  • Thomas Edison,
  • F. W. Woolworth,
  • Wringley William, Jr.,
  • Alexander Graham Bell,
  • Theodore Roosevelt,
  • John Wanamaker,
  • George Eastman,
  • Woodrow Wilson,
  • John D. Rockefeller
  • William Taft …

No other successful author has since used it for decades to provide research for a book.

With this e-book series you there is the most comprehensive work ever written about success in life.

The application of these principles will change 16 your life for the better!

Timeless knowledge of success – now!